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===== The Dark Oasis Frigate: October, 21, 2552 =====
The Sangheili landed on the Dark Oasis with a very warm welcoming from the Kig-Yar on board. The crew was almost comprised entirely of Kig-Yar, partially thanks to Kig'yar 'Nar Sokamai when he was a high ranking Fleet Master. The Kig-Yar on the ship was of mix groups, the Northern Kig-Yar that love ranged weapons, weak, and yellow skinned; the Southern Kig-Yar that are faster, ferocious looking, and grey skinned; and the Equator Kig-Yar that mine for the crystals that create all their equipment and weapons, they use more technology, and are green skinned. The Sangheili worked their way to the command center where their pilot was waiting for them. The Pilot said, sounding angrily, "I'm Brutus, I shall be your pilot. I know where we are heading to Substance as they call it. Be ready, we shall be there in a matter of minutes for the first sweep, you and a strike team will be dropped in after the first sweep to take out survivors. Any questions? GOOD! Now go." The Sangheili got suited up, and they looked at the Kig-Yar strike force that was going in with them. There was 7 Northern, 7 Southern, and 7 Equator. Each grabbed their own types of weapons. The total weapon count of what they took was: 21 Energy Cutlasses, 7 Type-1 Energy Weapons, 11 Energy Daggers, 14 Type-25 Directed Energy Pistols, 7 Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher, 4 Type-66 Guided Munitions Launcher, 4 Type-51 Carbines, 2 Type-50 Sniper Rifle System, 4 Large Shield Gauntlets, 5 Type-31 Rifle, 4 Small Arm Shields, 14 Needle Gauntlets, 7 Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle, 4 Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle/Improved, 2 Type-33 Anti-Armor Weapons, 1 Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher/Explosive, 1 Type-52 Special Applications Rifle, 2 Energy Garrotes, 5 Plasma Charges, and 28 Type-1 Antipersonnel Grenade. By that time the ship did its pass over the planet's gas mine, and all the crew heard a noise as pods were launched onto the station. Then it was the Strike team's turn to land. They got into the pods and… Launch there were a few seconds of pure G-force, and then it stopped. All the Sangheili landed safely, it was up to them to clear an LZ for the Type-52 Troop Carrier, and the 28 Kig-Yar that will help them during this mission. They started to head towards the hanger. They heard on the Heretic's Battle net that the Sharquoi, and the Staratelj are attacking, and that they came from a Frigate. They also heard that Sangheili, Unggoy, Mgalekgolo, and Huragok comprise the forces of this heresy. They continued to the next platform, when all of a sudden 2 Heretic Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft flew in guarding a Heretic DX-class Dropship. The Sangheili team, pulled out their 2 Type-33 Anti-Armor Weapons, and their Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher/Explosive and started to shoot at the incoming ships. The first volley of Fuel Rods destroyed both Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft, and then the Plasma Grenades launched, and the second volley of Fuel Rods destroyed the DX-class Dropship. Kig'yar 'Nar Sokamai called in saying, "We have a place to drop down the rest of the team, it may not the hanger, but it will do." Brutus replied, "Right, already sending your reinforcements." The Sangheili saw the Type-52 Troop Carrier come in. As planned all 21 Kig-Yar unloaded onto the platform. The Strike Team ran inside. The Carrier, as it was flying off, was shot down by 2 Type-33 ASG that was on the station. The Strike team was in the Unggoy Barracks. The Sangheili started to assassinate the Unggoy with their Daggers. Kig'yar 'Nar Sokamai heard a door opening. He saw a Heretic Sangheili walk in, Kig'yar snuck up behind the heretic, and used his Energy Garrote. Now with one Barracks fully emptied, they would move to the next. They got outside only to see a Sharquoi fighting a bunch of Mgalekgolo. A Sharquoi is a large muscular beast that is used as biological weapons by the Covenant. They are about 19 feet tall, and they have a bad temper. The Strike Team watched as the Sharquoi ripped all the Mgalekgolo apart, only to be attacked and killed by 2 Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft. The Strike team moved to the next building and saw a whole network of technology. They looked around and saw 4 Huragok. The Sangheili used their Type-1 Energy Weapon to kill the Huragok. The Strike team then noticed something peculiar about the room. There was an artifact in a Forerunner container, something that looked older than previous artifacts found by the Covenant. It seemed that is was an Artifact that the Forerunners took a lot of time preserving. The Team continued to the next hall, where they saw through a window a Staratelj fighting 10 Sangheili, and 25 Unggoy. A Staratelj is like a Drinol, except it has small arms, hard exoskeleton, is about 24 feet tall, and it hails from Palamok, the Yanme'e's homeworld. The Staratelj trampled, and stomped all of its enemies, and stood waiting for more opponents. The Strike team continued into the next room. A Sangheili heretic had its back turned from the door, Kig'yar snuck up behind him and used the 2nd Energy Garrote. They headed to find the Heretic Leader at the station. They were close, but some new enemy appeared, called the Horek, a Mechanical biped that is organic at its core. The Strike team killed all the Horek in the way, and continued to the next area. There was a locked door and Kig'yar grabbed a Plasma Charge and set it up on the door. BOOM!! The team entered the room. They saw 6 different Forerunner Combat Suits on the side walls, and at the very front of the room there was a different suit. Kig'yar read the label under the different suit, "A Suit of our Lords, the Precursors." Two of the Sangheili in the strike team said, "Does this mean our Gods have gods?" Kig'yar said, "It might, but it might also mean that our gods are the second to walk the path." One of the Sangheili said, "So our religion is a lie?" Kig'yar said nothing as he walked up to his comrade, and activated his personal Type-1 Energy Weapon into the Sangheili's chest. Kig'yar said, "To those who don't believe, they will get this punishment." The team left the room down the second door to try to find the Heretic Leader. Kig'yar then heard over the battle net, '"It is spreading to fast!" "Can you hold them?" "Negative, there are too many!" "Try" "I Will, Wait, AHHHHHHH!"' Kig'yar wondered if that meant their Bioweapons got to them, or if something else was on the station. He also noticed that the air was getting stale, and that Heretic sightings were getting less frequent. They got into the next courtyard and saw Sentinels, and Enforcers fighting a Staratelj. Then a few other types of sentinels joined the fight. The Strike team snuck by the Sentinels into the next room, they were very close to their target. They saw a large group of Heretics running towards them. The Strike team shot, and killed most of them. They heard by one of the survivors, "Run!!!" The Strike team killed the stragglers, then they noticed that the air was getting staler, and they continued down the hall. There was nothing down it, no dead bodies, no nothing. The Team walked into the next room, that's when they saw it… The Parasite was here on the station spreading. The Team doesn't have enough forces to deal with them, they have to hurry this up. They pulled out their close quarter weapons and stabbed the Flood forms to oblivion. Then they realized what the Heretics are going to do, they were going to go to the hanger and fly out of here. That is where their target would be, that is where they are going. They opened up the door into the next courtyard, they stayed cautiously close to the wall, when they saw a Sharquoi get knocked into the courtyard. An Enforcer flew in to see what happened, then a Flood Juggernaut jumped into the courtyard, jumped strait up, grabbed the Enforcer and ripped it apart. The Sharquoi started to get up, when the Juggernaut rammed into it and knocked both of them off the platform. The Team continued into the next hall. It was the Sangheili Barracks, and it was covered with flood. Sentinels were flying around in the Barracks shooting at the flood, only to be destroyed. The Team ran through the barracks, they didn't know a Flood Transporter was there. The Transporter's tentacles grabbed one of the team's Sangheili, and 3 Kig-Yar and swallowed them whole. The team had to continue on, it was the quickest way to get out. The Transporter then spat up 4 large goo bags, one of a Sangheili combat form, and 3 were Kig-Yar combat forms. The Team was in the next courtyard, and saw something even more terrible. A Flood Infector form was fighting an Enforcer, and the Infector launcher an Infector Spore onto the Enforcer, the spore stabbed into the enforcer and turned it into flood. The Team ran into the next room dodging the rockets shot from the Flood controlled Enforcer. In the hall there was a section submerged in water. Kig'yar looked into it and saw Aquatic Infection forms. Kig'yar told the team to grab onto the wall and crawl to the other side. 6 Kig-Yar didn't listen, got infected, and got dismembered. 3 Kig-Yar fell into the water, got infected, and got dismembered. 1 Sangheili was pushed from a combat form into the water; he was infected and promptly killed. The remaining team continued into the next room, and saw a Spore Launcher. A Spore Launcher has a lot of bumps on its back and releases Air spores which contaminate the air. The Team shot at it until it stop producing spores. Then there was a terrible roar and in came a large group of Flood, the team shot at them as best as they could, but there were so many and not just Combat forms. There were Carriers, Stalkers, Tanks, Ranged, Stealth, Melee, Ground Infection Forms, and Air Infection forms, Spore Launchers, Infectors, Snappers, Shifters, Crouched, and also the Water infection forms in the room which they were being backed into. The Team continued to fight the Flood off, it seemed with almost no prevail, but after 7 long minutes of fighting the  Flood was gone from the room, so was a Sangheili, and 3 Kig-Yar. The Remaining team hurried into the next room and they saw a courtyard with Flood Bombers, and Flood Swarms, and Air Infection Forms fighting Major Sentinels, Super Sentinels, Enforcers, Sentinels, Phoenixes, and Rocket Sentinels. The Team snuck by this group into the next room only to see a Sentinel Wall. The team pulled out all their explosives and blew each piece of the wall apart. They ran into the next room, it was the hanger! Most of the ships left, but 3 remained, one was the leader's personal ship, the other 2 was his personal guard's ships. The Team blew up the Guard's ships, and waited. They heard over the battle net, '"Fellow Sangheili Our leader has become one of them! We need to evacuate, the station is about to be targeted by a Forerunner Tank, the whole station will be destroyed." "But what about the flying forms?" "They will starve."' The team took this as good news and started to load up onto the Heretic Leader's ship. The Kig-Yar stood watch as the Sangheili packs up everything. When they were done all of the Team got on board the ship and launched to get to the Dark Oasis in their Type-52 Troop Carrier. They contacted Brutus and Kig'yar said, "Brutus we are returning on a Heretic Type-52 Troop Carrier, the deed is done. We shall be there in approximately 3 minutes." Brutus then asked, "How did you kill your Sangheili brothers?" Kig'yar replied, "By a blade, or Garrote, or any other means." Brutus smiled at the terrible fashion that Kig'yar killed his enemies. While the ship was flying up the Forerunner Tank came in, guarded by hundreds of Colossuses, and Guardians, and shot disintegrating the entire station. The Flood was gone from the planet, but Heretic Air forces weren't 2 Sangheili manned the turrets, and 2 Sangheili used their Type-33 Anti-Armor Weapons, and Kig'yar used a Type-52 Guided Munitions launcher/explosive. They fended off the 6 remaining Heretic Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft, and when they got into space and had to seal the cabin shut, The Dark Oasis' cannons took care of the last of the heretic ships, their DX-class dropships, their Type-26s, their Seraphs, and Vampires, and the other fighters. The Strike team landed safely on board, with only 9 Kig-Yar, and 8 Sangheili.
The first Chapter in Loyal Till the End, or Loyalty

If you want to read the Prologue then check my gallery

For things that are new...

Equilateral Kig-Yar are Green Halo 1 looking Kig-Yar that love Needle weapons (see sprite sheet for more)

Type-66 Guided Munitions Launcher is a double Needler (on top and bottom) Check sprite sheet.

Sharquoi are Drinols (check for Drinol)

Staratelj are bug like beasts from Art of Halo, on the Drone Page

Type-33 ASG is my incarnation of a Fuel Rod Shade

Horek are from the Canceld MMO, I made the Covenant Name they were supposed to be called Sentients

Gods of the Forerunners are the Precursors

Juggernaut is a deleted form in Halo 2

Transporter, Infector, Infector Spore, Snapper, Crouched, Spore Launcher, Shifters, and Stealth forms are from the Art of halo 3

Water Infection forms are the "Sea Monkey" Forms from Halo 2

Melee forms are from the Art of Halo (the one with sword hands)

Colossus, Sentinel Wall, Pheonix and Rocket Sentinels are some of my custom sentinels

The Forerunner Tank is the extreamly large form from Halo Legends: Origins.

Other than that, there is nothing new.
Halo = Bungie
Story = Mortified
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